March 2020
Greetings from the Graduate College:
Dr. Jennifer Waldron, Graduate College Dean

As we enter mid-March, prospective graduate students are choosing their destination for Fall 2020 and students in their last semester are frantically working to complete their comprehensive exams and culminating projects. As graduate faculty and staff, there are many ways we can help our students.
Prospective students
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate
  • Accept students to admission as soon as possible
  • Provide next steps in the enrollment process
  • Connect students to the Graduate College
Students in their final semester
  • Ensure students know the process for the culminating project and have a plan for completion
  • Support students through the process
  • Connect students to campus resources
  • Check Academic Advisement Report with students
  • Remind students to:
    • Complete Student Requests
    • Apply for graduation
Together, we create a strong graduate community that supports our students.
Hot off the Press
  • The Graduate College would like to recognize exemplary Graduate Assistants through the Graduate Assistant First Award. This award recognizes Graduate Assistants who excel in commitment, initiative, and engagement in their program and at UNI. For more details, please complete the short nomination form at the following link by April 1, 2020. Recipients will be recognized in the Graduate Education Messenger, and a certificate of achievement will be mailed to their departmental address. Please contact Jason Cox with any additional questions about this award.
  • Graduate Student Symposium
    • Registration closes for the 13th Annual Graduate Student Symposium on March 13th and can be completed on the Graduate College website. This event will be held on Tuesday, April 7 in the Maucker Union.
    • Visit and select the Quick Link, Symposium Registration.
Important Dates for Graduate Assistantships (GA) and
Graduate College-Tuition Scholarships (GC-TS)
March 13: Deadline for academic departments & support units to submit Extra Allocations and Re-Allocations Requests via online form.
March 23: Extra Allocations and Re-Allocations Official Letters are sent by the Graduate College to academic departments & support units.
April 1: Deadline for academic departments & support units to send GA and/or TS offers to all students.
April 15: Deadline for students to accept/decline offers.
April 27: Deadline for academic departments & support units to offer declined funding.
Important reminder: The Graduate College has created an organization folder in the UNI e-Learning platform with the aim of sharing guidelines, content and important documentation as resources for department heads, graduate program coordinators, and graduate secretaries. Please review and take full advantage of these resources by clicking here. If you have issues accessing the link, please contact Diego Saavedra for assistance.
  1. Graduate College Brown Bag Lecture Series
    • Topic: “Implicit Bias and Graduate School Admissions”
    • Speakers: Dr. Susan Hill, Department of Philosophy & World Religions, and Dr. Brittany Flokstra, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
    • Tuesday, March 10 from 12:30-1:20 p.m., ScholarSpace, Rod Library

  2. Graduate Program Coordinator meetings
    • Topics: Discuss new procedures and regulations impacting graduate education
      • Wednesday, March 11 from 3:30-4:25 p.m.---ScholarSpace, Rod Library
      • Friday, March 13 from Noon-12:55 p.m.--- ScholarSpace, Rod Library

  3. Annual Graduate Faculty Meeting & Awards Ceremony, 2020
    • Thursday, April 16 from 3:00-4:30 p.m.---Great Reading Room, Seerley Hall
    • The Ceremony will be to honor our 2019-2020 Graduate Student Award winners and the Graduate Faculty Award winners of the James F. Lubker faculty Research Award, The Distinguished Scholar Award, and the Outstanding Graduate Faculty Teaching Award.
Tip of the Month
  • Are you wanting a user-friendly way to see quick stats about your department such as enrollment trends through the years, faculty and staff composition, and graduation and retention rates? Visit the website for UNI Institutional Research & Effectiveness, select ‘Continuous Improvement’, and then ‘Program Vitality Metrics’. You can also use the following link to see the types of reports available to UNI users. Once you click on ‘Program Vitality Metrics’ you will be asked to login with your CATID.
  • When graduate coordinators and secretaries using GARP receive an email notification with the title ‘Graduate Application Has Been Returned for Further Review’, they can go to their GARP dashboard and scroll down to the bottom until they find the bucket titled ‘Cases Returned from Graduate College’. Here they will find the application record that needs further review or additional provisions added.
Kudos to the Languages & Literatures MA program for the recent accomplishments of its students:
  • In last semester’s Introduction to Graduate Study in English course, English MA students co-curated an exhibit, James Hearst in Prose, that was on display at the Hearst Center for the Arts during the fall. A digital version of that exhibit can be viewed at:
  • TESOL MA student Jordan Peterson will be presenting a paper entitled “Bridging the Gap for Adult Refugees and Asylum Seekers: An Interdisciplinary Approach” at the International TESOL conference in Denver this March.
  • Students in Languages & Literatures MA programs receive individual attention to faculty as they pursue a wide range of interests in fields ranging from education to language acquisition to creative writing.


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