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March 2020

Dear Graduate Students,
The Graduate College wants to reach out with a special issue of Grad Source in this, particularly unusual time. We understand the questions of what are we doing now? And in the future? We'd like to start with some updates and help connect you to resources. The Graduate College continues to work with others in answering your questions.
The Graduate College invites you to help shape graduate education and stay connected to your community. Advising / Program-specific questions should be directed to the graduate coordinator or secretary of your program. International students should contact Ross Schupbach @ ross.schupbach@uni.edu for any concerns about visa status / online courses.
Opportunities to connect with the Graduate College
For the official and detailed information, we are maintaining a webpage: https://grad.uni.edu/grad-students-prepare
At any time and with any questions, please feel free to contact the Graduate College @ gradcollege@uni.edu for assistance. We are also available for individual meetings via phone, Zoom, or Google Hangouts should you need anything.
The Grad College will also be offering 30 minute open Zoom office hours. Ask questions, seek information, connect with others.
  • Tuesdays at 10AM (Meeting ID: 835-758-068)
  • Wednesdays at 2PM (Meeting ID: 943-289-456).
Upcoming Events
Graduate Student Drop-ins with Grace Mertz, GA for Grad Writing
Mondays & Thursdays 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Need writing support? Just want to chat? Stay connected to graduate student writing and research support via Zoom. One on one appointments are also available via the Appointment Calendar.
March 30, 2020: Graduate Student Priority Registration
Please contact your program to complete any advising requirements and register for courses.
April 1, 2020: Application for Spring Graduation
Students are required to apply for graduation. Applications should be submitted through your Student Center. View the Registrar's Website for more information.
April 3, 2020: Electronic Copy of Thesis / Dissertation Due to Grad College
Contact Kathryn Wohlpart @ kathryn.wohlpart@uni.edu for more information. See full list of requirements: https://grad.uni.edu/grad-students-prepare.
April 29: Accept / Decline Assistantship and Tuition Scholarship Offers
Contact gradcollege@uni.edu if you have any questions.
May 1, 2020: Final Submission of Thesis / Dissertation / Music Abstract Due to Grad College
Contact Kathryn Wohlpart @ kathryn.wohlpart@uni.edu for more information. See full list of requirements: https://grad.uni.edu/grad-students-prepare
Hot Sites: Explore! (Virtually)
Visit Museums Online; like the Guggenheim or the Smithsonian
Check out the San Diego Zoo
Spend an (online) Evening at the Metropolitan Opera
Stay Connected
Updated Policies for Spring 2020
  1. Academic Policies
    1. Graduate students can complete a student request through May 8th to switch from graded to credit/no credit. Seek guidance from your graduate program coordinator or major professor prior to making the decision.
    2. The deadline to withdraw is April 9. Withdrawing from a class after April 9th will be considered by the department and the Graduate College on a case-by-case basis.
    3. The Graduate College will make the following exceptions for spring 2020 courses:
      1. Graduate students may take up to 6 credit hours as credit/no credit during spring 2020. This will be in addition to the 1 course you can take as credit/no credit. (Note: credit/no credit course may impact entry into Doctoral programs or licensure)
      2. Students who take a course credit/no credit during spring 2020 will still be eligible for a GA/tuition scholarship for fall 2020.
      3. Extensions of recency. All students are eligible for one extension up to 24 months. Please contact your graduate coordinator prior to submitting an online student request: Extension 7/10 Year Rule. Typically, second extensions are not allowed. However, they will be considered on a case-by-case basis given the circumstances. Please reach out to the department for guidance.
      4. Incompletes. The Dean of the Graduate College can provide an exception to studentsí who have funding (GA or tuition scholarship) and receive an incomplete for a course. Please reach out to the department for guidance.
  2. Data Collection & Research
    1. To protect research participants, researchers, and the larger community from the risk of COVID-19, UNI is hereby restricting face-to-face interactions with research subjects. Instead, research interactions with human research subjects must be performed remotely, or postponed. Please work with your research chair to determine the next steps.
    2. View UNI's Policy
Further adjustments to policies may be made as the situation progresses. Please view the Grad Students Prepare page for the latest information: https://grad.uni.edu/grad-students-prepare


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